Empowering Young Women Since 1846

Vision and Values

Learn, Believe, Soar.

As a school embedded with Catholic values, academic excellence, and service to others, we teach our students to be successful both in and out of the classroom. We strive to mold young women of strong character as we continue to embrace the Salesian philosophy based on the teaching of our founders, St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.

Student Life

Student Life at Visitation is about more than is just what is taught in the classroom.

Striving to provide a well balanced spiritual, academic and social well-being, students are encouraged to both serve and participate in and beyond our community. Whether you’re a kindergartner or a 7th grader, a mom or a dad, you can’t help but sense something special about Visitation Academy: Our community. Visitation Academy is a place where friendships begin, passions are discovered, and skills and talents are nurtured.  At Visitation, we strive to help young women learn to “be who they are and be that well”

Support Visitation

Celebrating 170 Years

At Visitation we are dedicated to providing an outstanding experience for your daughters.  We invite you to partner with us so that together we can support the students, faculty and staff, as well as academic innovations that will advance this great institution.


Make your first choice the right choice.

Few decisions have the lasting impact on your child as that of your school choice. During these formative years, life-long friendships will be made, spiritual formation will take place, and values will be instilled. Visitation Academy offers a haven where students develop the confidence to be intellectually and creatively fearless. Whether they are singing during a 3rd grade performance, leading the volleyball team to victory, or participating in student council, students find their unique voice at Visitation Academy.

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